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Business Intelligence and Market Studies

Competition monitoring, detecting new projects, competition analysis, market watch, country profiles, decision maker charts, key indicators for decision makers, benchmarking, trend spotting, information & data mapping.

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Corporate image analysis, detecting key influencers, social network mapping, crisis management, interactive media influence strategies, e-reputation management, community management.

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Due Diligence, Background Checks, Investigations

Integrity due diligence (international sanctions, politically exposed persons, corruption, reputation) field investigations.

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Why choose Sésame?

  • A commitment to quality: Verified, customized content. Rigorous selection of sources to counter today’s “information overload” syndrome.

  • The Sésame spirit: A company on a human scale. A multi-disciplinary team and multi-cultural consultants.

  • Unique experience: 18 years internet experience, 150,000 reports and analyses delivered.

  • International coverage: Information has no borders.

  • Customers as partners: In-depth collaboration with our customers, customized projects tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

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