Strategic monitoring

Sésame supports its customers in growing their business, detecting new trends and understanding their market environment.

We take upstream action to help our customers anticipate new developments, respond rapidly and innovate in a world where markets and competitors are constantly changing.

Customer case


LUXURY GOODS SECTOR CUSTOMER: Strategic monitoring of digital innovation.

What the customer wanted?

Enable the group’s subsidiaries to continuously adapt to key developments impacting the luxury goods sector (AI, e-payments, social network usage, etc.)
Accompany decision-makers in defining strategy.

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Sésame added-value

  • Exploring, understanding and explaining the complexities of digital marketing (social media, etc.) and e-commerce (digital, in-store, etc.) via daily monitoring of specialist sites (sectors: luxury goods, sports, digital, etc.) and more than 40 key e-commerce sites.
  • Comprehensive and documented analysis of developments and trends on a weekly basis.
  • Active participation in major events centered on digital development and e-commerce.


  • Branding Departments

  • Sales Departments

  • Marketing Departments

LUXURY GOODS SECTOR CUSTOMER: Daily monitoring of these specific areas.