Ethics & compliance

Article 17 of France’s Sapin 2 Law, enacted 9 December 2016, compels companies with at least 500 employees and revenues of over 100 Million Euros to establish
« a regularly updated risk map designed to identify, analyze and rank the company’s exposure to external solicitations to engage in corrupt practices, particularly with regard to the sectors and geographical zones in which the company does business ».

Customer case


ENERGY SECTOR CUSTOMER: Establish a risk map outlining the company’s exposure to corruption practices in the sectors and regions where it operates.

What the customer wanted?

Be in compliance with Sapin 2, FCPA and UKBA.
Evaluate the economic, political, security and legal risks of entering government contracts, exposure to corruption and exposure to violation of human rights in countries where it currently operates or plans to.

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Sésame added-value

  • Access to sources and information via subscriptions to specialized data bases.
  • Specialist consultants skilled in compliance, international relations and business strategy
  • Sésame boasts true expertise in country studies and business ethics and created a proprietary risk mapping method designed to aid companies in complying with France’s Sapin 2 anti-corruption law.


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