Studies & investigations

Sésame Consultants supports your international growth via country opportunity studies, new partner studies, benchmarking, competition analysis and decision maps.

Thanks to our international network, we supply actionable information to shape your approach to the market.

Customer case


INFRASTRUCTURE SECTOR CUSTOMER: Seeking an acquisition in Latin American.

What the customer wanted?

Know the market potential.
Determine which arm of the business would bring added value in order to enter the market effectively.
Choose the best partner.

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Sésame added-value

  • Sésame and its Spanish-speaking consultants have been active in this region for more than 10 years.
  • We systematically travel to the territory in question in order to better understand the market and meet qualified experts.
  • Our consultants have an excellent knowledge of the infrastructure sector gained via strategic monitoring missions, workshops, decision maps and other projects.


  • CEO

  • Director of International Development

INFRASTRUCTURE SECTOR CUSTOMER: Established in 50 countries.
Targets 4 countries in Latin America to develop for its development.