Serge Courrier

Serge Courrier

Serge Courrier has worked as a business intelligence consultant for major companies, in particular advising competition watch teams in the use of internet tools, since 2005. He has been training teams from numerous organizations specializing in business intelligence and competition monitoring, including ADBS, Ecole Européenne d’IE, INTD-CNAM and Université France-Télévision, since 1998.

Serge Courrier


So’xperts is a strategic consulting firm specializing in BtoB marketing. So’xperts helps companies improve their marketing effectiveness to generate growth. Ranging from the strategic to the operational, the firm’s expertise covers marketing strategy and planning, lead generation, new product launches, web marketing and adopting new technologies.
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Specialists in winning internet audiences and internet business. E-malaya offers E-business consulting services, e-marketing agency services and SEO content.
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FING, or La Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (The New-Generation Internet Foundation) helps companies, institutions and regions prepare for the changes created by new technologies and usages. FING has established a new breed of “think tank” whose work is recognized in Europe and worldwide.

Nos quartiers ont du talent

Nos quartiers ont des talents

Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (Our Neighborhoods Have Talent) is an association founded to mobilize top managers to mentor young graduates mainly from disadvantaged neighborhoods.