Our ethical charter

Sesame has designed this ethical charter as a reference for its consultants, to help them in the conduct of their professional activities and this in compliance with their legal and ethical obligations.

Any newcomer to Sésame Consultants must read it and subscribe to it. Through this ethical charter, Sesame intends to form lasting and honest relationships with its consultants, and intends for them to understand and apply the ethical standards set out in this charter.

Indeed, through this ethical charter Sésame Consultants states the importance the firm places on personal integrity and professional behavior.

The values of daring, solidarity, multiplicity, respect and commitment as well as the principles of compliance with the law, confidentiality, loyalty, independence of judgment, integrity and respect for the environment must remain at the heart of Sésame Consultants’ commitment to its partners, customers and suppliers.

You can read and/or download our ethical charter by clicking here.