An Introduction

Founded in 1998 by current CEO Marianne Gazeau, Sésame works with you to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your particular business environment and sector via strategic analyses and market studies
  • Facilitate sharing and access to these analyses and studies via 2.0 web content and market intelligence portals
  • • Monitor, analyze and take action to enhance your e-reputation

A few key facts about Sesame

  • 14 years experience in business intelligence
  • 700 missions conducted for major French and European corporations
  • 50 000 digests, reports and analyses delivered to our customers
  • 20% of revenue invested in innovation every year
  • 80% of activity is international

“For 15 years we have worked with both top management and operational divisions who turned to us for visual, interactive informational products that have real added value.”

Marianne Gazeau, CEO of Sésame

Our Services

Business Intelligence and Market Studies

Competition monitoring, detecting new projects, competition analysis, market watch, country profiles, decision maker charts, key indicators for decision makers, benchmarking, trend spotting, information & data mapping.


Corporate image analysis, detecting key influencers, social network mapping, crisis management, interactive media influence strategies, e-reputation management, community management.

Digital Content

Market intelligence internet portals, themed blogs, rich media content, social apps, data mapping, data visualization, 2.0 content, community management.