iSésame Platform

iSésame is a platform which enables our customers’ competition watch and business intelligence departments to highlight and publish information and strategic analyses. Until recently only available to our content customers, the platform is now offered as a stand-alone product that does not require the purchase of additional services.

A customizable platform dedicated to your particular needs

Available in SaaS (Software as a Service) or hosted by our in-house network, the platform is securitized and customizable in terms of access rights and customer profile.

The iSésame service is designed in modular form so that it can be adapted to the personalized needs of each customer. The service is also access-customizable with regard to the firm’s organizational structure, geographical structure and/or key players within the company.

Our customers require a single solution to satisfy four key needs:
“ Real-time news and information ”
“ Value-added analyses and comments ”
“ The subjects that interest me ”
“ The option of adding my own content ”