Due Diligence and Background Checks

Companies, when developing abroad, face numerous legal and reputational risks. Conducting Due Diligence on potential acquisitions, business partners or third parties (middlemen, suppliers, etc.) allow a preliminary identification of the risks faced and the setting up of adequate countermeasures.

Benefiting from about 20 years of experience in accompanying companies expanding abroad, Sesame has launched its Ethics & Compliance Unit.


Depending on your needs, Sesame can perform enquiries based on both open sources and field investigations when :

  • You have a limited access to information through open sources
  • You have to cross-check open sources information with field reports
  • You need to get field information (physical existence of a company, interview of local stakeholders, etc.)

Our Due Diligence and Background Check Solutions

Registration checks and registration documents recovery abroad

Identification and Mapping of shareholding structures and ultimate beneficial owners

Compliance checks conducted on specialized databases and open sources

Integrity and reputation checks conducted with OSINT and HUMINT* sources

Monitoring of stakeholders management practices : Governance, CSR; etc.

Field enquiries conducted by specialized and/or local consultants, interviews, etc.

* OSINT : Open source intelligence
HUMINT : Human source intelligence

Examples of realized missions

Anti Money Laundering / Terrorism Financing
  • Identification of ownership links between a company based in Iran and an organization under international sanctions
Ultimate beneficial owners and Politically exposed persons
  • As part of a JV project in the Middle East
  • Identification of ownership links between an opaque shareholding structure and some politically exposed ultimate beneficiaries

Ethical stand and Reputation of stakeholders
  • Field investigation conducted simultaneously in a State of the Gulf of Guinea and in France
  • To identify the high level business/political ties of a stakeholder based in Africa and operating in the energy sector
Risk mapping
  • Identification of stakeholders surrounding an infrastructure project in India
  • Risk mapping on corporate social responsibility and reputation issues