Foot d’Elles, the online community launched by Sésame

When a company specializing in strategic analysis and the internet sets itself the challenge of championing women’s soccer (football), the site Foot d’Elles! Sésame decided to put its expertise in service of a company project that all team members could commit to!
Foot d’Elles is a French-language site that provides a unique forum for everyone who is passionate about women’s soccer and about sports in general. Taking a bold, offbeat tone, experts give you information and analysis about the world of women’s soccer (football) today.

Nos Quartiers du Talent

Sésame’s growth has been the result of an open-minded, multi-cultural team. The company joined the association Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (Our Neighborhoods Have Talent) at the beginning of 2012. The purpose of the association is to mobilize top managers to mentor young graduates mainly from disadvantaged neighborhoods.
All Sésame team members act as mentors to help young graduates in their job search.